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High Amplitude R Waves


Left. R amplitude > 26 mm in either V5 or V6, or R amplitude > 20.0 mm in any of leads I, II, m, aVF, or R amplitude > 12.0 mm in lead aVL measured only on second to last complete normal beat.


Right. R amplitude >= 5.0 mm and R amplitude >= S amplitude in the majority of beats in lead V1, when S amplitude is > R amplitude somewhere to the left on the chest of V1 (codes 7-3 and 3-2, if criteria for both are present).


Left. (optional code when 3-1 is not present): R amplitude > 15.0 mm but <= 20.0 mm in lead I, or R amplitude in V5 or V6, plus S amplitude in V1 > 35.0 mm.


Criteria for 3-1 and 3-2 both present.


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