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EPICARE MUSE ECG Reporting Application – Large Datasets (EMERALD)

The EPICARE MUSE ECG Reporting Application – Large Datasets (EMERALD) is an ECG acquisition, management, analysis, and reporting application. Its core units consist of the GE MUSE v7.1 ECG management system, coupled with an in-house ECG Novacode/Minnesota Code analysis program.

According to GE Healthcare, "MUSE v7 represents a complete redesign of one of the most successful Cardiology Management Systems in history. This new version incorporates enhancements in information technology, ECG management processes and clinical report editing. v7 also represents the heart of a new software platform for significant future development in GE Healthcare's Diagnostic Cardiology division. Designed for the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Operating System, v7 migrates to Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Standard database management software. This change provides greater support opportunities; more backup and data integrity options and operational flexibility including database replication and SQL query tools."     GE Medical Systems

The Novacode Program is based on the Novacode Version V.2000.08.29 algorithms. Written in .NET, it allows tight integration with MUSE v7.1 (v7.1 upgrades SQL2000 to SQL2005) database architecture. Bridging the 2 systems is SQL2005’s replicated database architecture. This allows accessing the data produced in the MUSE for further analysis and reporting, but in a standalone SQL2012 database.

Data review relies on SAS v9.3 to generate reports for statistical analysis, review, and transfer to the data management team.